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Created following a round the world trip in 2010, M’Agis is an association which aims to bring magic into the lives of children in extreme conditions (social, economic, psychological, educational …).

In partnership with associations and NGOs already implanted in different countries, we offer magic shows followed by educational workshops.

The former amaze the spectators, the latter offer special moments which favour the development of individual relationships. By initiating an artistic practice which is fun yet demanding, the workshops help to restore often damaged self-confidence and leave a lasting magical impression.

Targeted Public

We address very diversified populations, all in difficult circumstances and whose lives lack enchantment:

Street children, refugees, isolated minors, asylum seekers, the physically and mentally handicapped, people in precarious economic, social or psychological situations …

General Aim

Apolitical and non-confessional, M’Agis addresses a wide public of people in underprivileged circumstances, with the hope of democratizing various cultural aspects:

Social (via the spectators present)
Artistic (through the proposed activities)
Educational (through the importance attached to apprenticeship)

The M’Agis formula

Our actions are based on a magic show put on either by one magician or a troupe of performers. Our motivation during this show is to offer a moment of happiness, with a chance to escape an often difficult daily situation, and develop positive thinking.

Because we aim to leave a lasting impression, the show is followed by educational workshops. These are held in small groups and explore the principles of illusion by teaching some simple manipulations which require concentration, application and dexterity.

Our aim during the workshops is to transmit, exchange and boost the self-confidence of the participants.

The M’Agis formula is a general framework but each project has its specificities.

The M'Agis box

During these workshops, we bring the necessary material to learn some tricks and leave it with the children in our M’Agis Box so that the budding magicians can continue to practice after we leave.



 “A wonderful moment which enchanted old and young. My students were the envy of the rest of the school!  A marvelous show for a class whose attention it is difficult to capture”
     Jean-Baptiste MASSON, specialized teacher, CLIS de Mazidon Canon, Calvados, 14

“I can wholeheartedly recommend both the artistic and the social and human aspects of these shows and workshops”
 Céline Besnard, French Red Cross, Director of Day Centre for Isolated Foreign Minors

“Apart from the show, the workshops in small groups were a real moment of happiness for the children, boosting their self-confidence and leaving a lasting impression once the magicians left”
 Julie Carcaly & Claire Hoi
        Communication Officers, Krousar Thmey Cambodia


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